Wine Down Wednesdays

Taking time to relax after a long day with a glass of wine or a drink is something many people would say is one of their favorite things to do. What’s great about this time of year is that are numerous opportunities for individuals interested in imbibing to do so with others. For instance, at […]

Anticipating That Edisto Excitement

Whether you drive or fly to Edisto Beach, there is a moment of sheer impatience that happens and that’s every second after you cross over the bridge. The beach is so close, yet still about a half an hour away, and that last jaunt can feel like too much. However, it’s all a part of […]

Looking for Peace an Quiet? Edisto Beach in January.

January is the quietest time of year for Edisto Beach. However, if you do find yourself down here this time of year, here’s a look at what you can expect. Shortened Hours, Seasonal Closings, Blissful Silence This time of year, many of the island’s businesses have shortened hours or close temporarily. That’s because in January […]
edisto beach renourishment

Beach Renourishment Comes to Edisto

As most visitors to Edisto Beach know, the beach itself has experienced intense erosion. To combat the impact of this erosion, the beach renourishment and groin lengthening project has finally begun. So what does beach renourishment mean? Here’s some information you need to know. What’s Going On? An agreement was made between the Town of […]
Hurricane Matthew Update

Hurricane Matthew: Dealing with the Damage

It’s hard to believe that Hurricane Matthew hit Edisto Beach almost three months ago, but not for those still dealing with the damage. Numerous houses on Edisto Beach are uninhabitable due to damage and some may be unrepairable. The stretch of homes from the 100-700 block on Palmetto Boulevard seem to be the most hard-hit […]