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Easter Weekend 2012 

Easter weekend on Edisto promises to be sunny and spring-like and full of things to do.

To begin with, Good Friday services will be offered at the variety of different churches all over the island.

On a similar note, any visitors participating in Lent can take advantage of the local seafood served at almost every restaurant in the town of Edisto Beach. Abstaining from meat on Fridays is no big deal when there is fresh Edisto shrimp, crab, and oysters to be had.

On Saturday the annual Art Guild Spring Show and Sale will take place at the Edistonian General Store on Highway 174 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This event features the work from local artists and gives patrons a chance to take home authentic pieces of art or crafts inspired by Edisto.

On Sunday, Easter services will be available at the various churches. There will also be a sunrise service in the Pavilion parking lot for anyone interested in celebrating Easter on the beach.

Grovers Bar and Grill located at 21 Fairway Drive is having an Easter brunch buffet from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. This buffet will feature quiche, smoked salmon, peach French toast, pasta salad, an open bar, dessert menu, and so much more.

The weather over the weekend is forecasted to be bright and sunny with a high of 69 degrees on Saturday and 75 on Easter Sunday.

If spending Easter weekend on Edisto is one of your family traditions, share your experience with us in the comments section!




We are occasional renters who love Edisto and are diligently separating and bagging our recycling here now just as we do at home up North. Please don't assume we "don't bother" with loving and respecting this wonderful place just because we do not own here. I would have glady paid $6 this week to have ours picked up.


I would love curbside recycling.  I can tell you as an annual Thanksgiving guest that it takes a dedicated environmentally conscious family to go through the trouble of finding out where to bring it and getting it there when the center is open on a Holiday while on vacation. We've been there before when the fence is closed and locked and we had to walk through the people gate carrying all the bags and boxes from the truck to each dumpster.  It is a shame to fill a landfill with that much recyclable trash because the city does not provide pickup.  You might be surprised by how many vacationing families recycle at home and to whom it has become second nature to rinse and separate recyclables.


Re the recycling:  I don't believe many of our visitors will bother with it.  They are on vacation and I think it's easier for them to just throw all the trash together.  Also the $6 fee is way too high.  If recycling is considered, then there should be an opt-out option for those of us who do not mind taking it to the recycling center ourselves.  

Re the trash can rollback:  Is that $1.50 fee per week, per month, per cycle?  How long does it cover?  What about rental houses where the renters leave Friday or Monday am and no one is there to roll the can back?  Do we expect the new renters to do it?  The rental companies?