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The Edisto Beach recreation guide will give you an overview of everything you can do while visiting. Find Edisto Beach things to do here. We hope our Edisto Beach recreation guide will make your stay more enjoyable and we look forward to your visit!

  • Camping

    Camping on Edisto is a great experience, with water and electrical hookups available ocean-side or near the salt marsh. Each campground is convenient to restrooms with hot showers.

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  • Swimming off Edisto

    Hanging out on and swimming from Edisto Beach is almost all we do! Remember that there are no lifeguards on Edisto Beach, so be mindful of strong currents and rip tides.

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  • Bicycling

    One of the best things about Edisto is that it is so small it's possible to ride a bike all over the beach and island. A bike path winds its way through most of the town of Edisto Beach. It takes riders past shopping, restaurants, and scenic views worth every pedal.

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  • Edisto Beach Photography

    When is the last time you had a family portrait together? Edisto Beach Photography services can help while your group is all here on Edisto.

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  • Edisto Beach Boat Tours

    Enjoy your Edisto Beach Boat Tours. From boat charters to kayak tours, you will enjoy the cultural history waters around the island, including Botany Bay, have to offer.

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  • Edisto Beach Fishing

    Edisto Beach and the surrounding area offers what many believe to be the best fishing anywhere. Surf fishing, river fishing, pier fishing, and deep sea fishing offer the variety every angler dreams of. No matter your experience level, fishing Edisto will surely add to your time with us.

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  • Edisto Beach Golf

    Originally known as Oristo and later as The Edisto Beach Golf Club, the course takes pride in its new name... 'The Plantation Course at Edisto'.

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