MAY 10 2021

Show your Love for Edisto

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life is what many vacations are all about, but if you LOVE Edisto like we do, there are things you can do to help out around the island while visititing. Some of these suggestions are passive, taking very little effort without having to impact on a relaxing … Continue reading Show your Love for Edisto

MAY 03 2021

Edisto’s Storied Past

For what seems like such a small place tucked away from the rest of the world, Edisto Beach has quite a storied past. A complete timeline of the island’s history could (and does) fill novels, but take a look at this list of some of the biggest moments to ever occur on the island. Edisto’s … Continue reading Edisto’s Storied Past

APR 26 2021

Edisto: The Boat Owner’s Paradise

A trip to the island isn’t complete without spending time out on the water. Before we get any deeper into this, here’s a disclaimer: If you don’t have a boat, you might get jealous while reading this post. Many times, visitors staying on the island rent homes with deepwater access. That means these individuals can … Continue reading Edisto: The Boat Owner’s Paradise

APR 20 2021

Memorial Day Weekend: 5 Reasons to Visit

It’s almost time for another amazing summer on Edisto Beach. If you don’t have plans thus far (or if your plans don’t include Edisto) here are the top 5 reasons as to why you need to be here for Memorial Day weekend. 1. Summer technically starts in June, but we all know Memorial Day is … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend: 5 Reasons to Visit

APR 12 2021

Edisto Area Parks (Some You May Not Know About)

Even after dozens of visits to Edisto Beach, there’s always something new to discover. If you’re ready to have your mind blown with some not-so-secret gems in town, then keep reading. Did you know there are a handful of parks in the town of the beach? Of course almost everyone is aware of the fact … Continue reading Edisto Area Parks (Some You May Not Know About)

MAR 09 2021

4 Signs That You’re An Edisto 80s Baby

Year after year, Edisto Beach gets more and more visitors. Some of these are newcomers just starting out on making a lifetime of memories. Some are day-trippers finally checking out the best beach around. And some are a solid group that’s been coming for generations. Within that group of generational Edisto visitors, there is the … Continue reading 4 Signs That You’re An Edisto 80s Baby

FEB 24 2021

Spring Break on Edisto Beach

Spring Break season is upon us and that means it’s time to kick back and relax on the beach. However, to make sure everyone has an awesome time and things don’t turn out like a Cancun trip full of girls gone wild, here are some helpful tips on how to party responsibly at the beach. … Continue reading Spring Break on Edisto Beach

FEB 01 2021

Living on Edisto Island

It happens every year. Visitors from off the island come to Edisto and feel like they’ve just come home. Most spend a week or two vacationing then head back to wherever it is that they’re from. Others decide to make Edisto their actual home. It’s easy to understand why someone would feel at home on … Continue reading Living on Edisto Island

JAN 06 2021

Life in Lost Village of Edingsville Beach

One Christmas I was hundreds of miles away from Edisto and feeling a little homesick for the island. I rifled through an old photo album while visiting my grandparents in Kansas City and an old article fell out on my lap. It was yellowed with age and had crumbled edges. I slowly opened the article … Continue reading Life in Lost Village of Edingsville Beach

NOV 02 2020

Spending Thanksgiving on Edisto Beach

It’s easy to remember to be thankful when spending Thanksgiving on Edisto Beach. Every year, more and more people choose to come to the island to spend the holidays. It gives families and friends a chance to get together to share good food, good times, and, of course, football while enjoying all that the beach … Continue reading Spending Thanksgiving on Edisto Beach

OCT 06 2020

4 Ways to Beat Vacation Blues

There’s one terrible thing about Edisto Beach and that is this: If you’re just visiting, there is a time when you have to leave. Heading home from vacation is nothing short of brutal. The good thing is, with these tips, you can get through your vacation blues. Start Planning for Next Year Planning for next … Continue reading 4 Ways to Beat Vacation Blues

SEP 28 2020

Edisto Beach has the best shrimp in the entire world

It’s a simple fact that Edisto Beach has the best shrimp in the entire world. It’s sweeter, juicier, and meatier than its counterparts anywhere else. That’s why when people come down to Edisto for vacation, they typically spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get their hands and mouths on these delicious little creatures. … Continue reading Edisto Beach has the best shrimp in the entire world

SEP 14 2020

Late Summer Fun

It’s hard to believe it’s already September, but there’s still plenty of great weather to be enjoyed on Edisto Beach. What’s great about this time is that many rental homes are available at cheaper rates since it is officially late summer. But that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on any of the greatness that Edisto … Continue reading Late Summer Fun

SEP 08 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Love Edisto Beach

Edisto is such a small place, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on beaches. With more than three miles of sandy shores, there’s a little bit of paradise for everyone. Plus, unlike other beaches nearby, Edisto Beach is public, so you’ll never have to worry about walking onto private property. Check out this list to … Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Love Edisto Beach

AUG 31 2020

Edisto Beach Bucket List

Now that summer is winding down, it’s likely that many of you who visited this year forgot to do something while on vacation. It happens. Even after years of coming to Edisto Beach it’s possible to never find the time to do something you’ve always wanted to do. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop … Continue reading Edisto Beach Bucket List