APR 28 2011

What Edisto Means

When I think about what Edisto means to me, I remember my life. A lot of firsts happened here for me. When I was six, my dad taught me how to swim in the pool at Ocean Ridge. This was during a time when I would only be in the ocean as long as my … Continue reading What Edisto Means

APR 21 2011

Keep Edisto Beautiful

Edisto is one of the few places in the world where the same vacationers come back year after year. Spending a week or two each year on her beaches, trails, and waters just isn’t enough. A true Edisto-lover  doesn’t even think of other places to vacation; a true Edisto-love knows that no other place will … Continue reading Keep Edisto Beautiful

APR 14 2011

Vacation Homes With Elevators

One trip to Edisto Beach is all it takes to become hooked. Families, friends, couples, and everyone else come down to this time-forgotten coastal town for a couple of weeks every year and it make it their home away from home. Many of these people have been to Edisto more times than they can count. … Continue reading Vacation Homes With Elevators

APR 07 2011

A Taste of Deep Water Vacation Homes

Imagine spending a hot summer day casting a line from a dock just a stone’s throw from your own back porch before going on a twilight cruise through Edisto’s creeks. This is just a taste of the type of vacation a deepwater home rental provides. Deepwater homes exist all over Edisto Island including in the … Continue reading A Taste of Deep Water Vacation Homes

APR 01 2011

EIOLT Preserves Edisto Way of Life

Landowners and vacationers alike know that there’s something special about Edisto Island. In a world taken over by the latest and greatest in every aspect of life, the people of Edisto sit back and relax knowing that the best things in life exist right outsider their doors. A drive on Edisto to the grocery store, … Continue reading EIOLT Preserves Edisto Way of Life

MAR 22 2011

Coming Together for Learning Through Loggerheads

Tourists and the Edisto community came together Saturday to support Learning through Loggerheads. McConkey’s Jungle Shack hosted its first annual Ultimate Chef Competition and oyster roast to benefit the efforts of local biologist Meg Hoyle’s loggerhead turtle program on the island. Flowers Seafood provided enough oysters to fill the stomachs of the more than 200 … Continue reading Coming Together for Learning Through Loggerheads

MAR 03 2011

Learning Through Loggerheads

It is the beauty of Edisto that brings so many to her shore year after year and why so many people stay and call it home. Locals and vacationers are responsible for seeing to the fact that Edisto remains a place rich with the natural beauty of the ocean, creeks, forests, marshland, and animals by … Continue reading Learning Through Loggerheads

FEB 25 2011

The Jeremy Cay Experience

There was a time when rich Sea Island cotton planters flocked to Edisto Island to enjoy the sweet summer scent on the salty air carried by the ocean breezes. But these plantation owners weren’t coming to Edisto Beach; they were headed for the lost town of Edingsville Beach. All those familiar with Edisto Island might … Continue reading The Jeremy Cay Experience

FEB 18 2011

There’s just one word to describe the food at the Plantation Grill: Delicious

There’s just one word to describe the food at the Plantation Grill: Delicious. First-timers and other Edisto newbies are often unaware of the fact that the Plantation Grill even exists as it is located inside the Wyndham resort on the beach, let alone that it is open to the public. Patrons need only drive into … Continue reading There’s just one word to describe the food at the Plantation Grill: Delicious

FEB 13 2011

Edisto Shrimp…and Grits

The beach is one of the biggest draws for the thousands of people who make their way to Edisto every year for two reasons: fun and food. Anyone who’s been to Edisto can attest to the hours of fun that can be had on the beach itself where visitors can lay out, play a game … Continue reading Edisto Shrimp…and Grits

FEB 03 2011

Bang For Your Buck This Spring Break

In a few short months winter will be over and people everywhere will start thinking about their summer vacations. While some may decide to stay home this year out of financial worry others will look for deals that allow them to get away from it all and enjoy some much needed relaxation. Luckily for them … Continue reading Bang For Your Buck This Spring Break

JAN 26 2011

Cruising Edisto’s Shady Streets

Edisto is one of the few places in the world where people can kick back, relax, and have a great time doing nothing more than enjoying the simplicity of a beach vacation. It’s small enough that once visitors roll into town and escape their real lives they can park their cars, put the keys in … Continue reading Cruising Edisto’s Shady Streets

JAN 14 2011

Treasure to Own at Edisto

In 2009, Edisto Beach cast its spell on Kim and Larry Lentz. The couple had always vacationed in Myrtle Beach and then on a whim decided to take a trip down to Edisto. From the moment they came over the bridge and made their way down the winding road of Highway 174, they knew they’d … Continue reading Treasure to Own at Edisto

JAN 07 2011

Shell Island in Edisto Beach, SC

Shell seeking is one of the most beloved activities vacationers take part in every summer on Edisto Beach, but there’s one place on the island that is a must-see for any seashell lover. Shell Island is the nickname given to a sandbar island just across from Jeremy’s Inlet. This area can be seen by walking … Continue reading Shell Island in Edisto Beach, SC

DEC 31 2010

History of the Pavilion and Pier

Edisto Beach has long been known as a quiet beach perfect for families who want to spend time enjoying the simplicity of a no-frills beach vacation. But back in the 1950s and 60s, Edisto was a happening place. Edisto local Henry Collins and his family owned the establishment for years before selling it a few … Continue reading History of the Pavilion and Pier