DEC 10 2010

Memories of Edisto

In our last blog post, There’s Something Magical About This Place, we looked back at years experiencing Edisto through the eyes of one long term visitor turned resident. It really isn’t hard to find people wanting to share their love for this place, though every story is a little different. So, we are going to … Continue reading Memories of Edisto

DEC 03 2010

There’s Something Magical About This Place

Edisto – the island, the beach, all of it – never changes. Granted new homes, restaurants, and shops pop up, but those things aren’t what gives Edisto its pulse. Listen long enough and there’s the unmistakable hissing sound of a wave before it curls onto itself and crashes on the shore. When the sea oats … Continue reading There’s Something Magical About This Place

NOV 25 2010

Crabbing Front Beach

While there are a number of popular places to catch crab on Edisto, it can be done steps from your vacation home on front beach. Crab pots are generally square and made out of wire with multiple points of entry for crabs. Bait is held in the center and when crabs enter the pot they cannot … Continue reading Crabbing Front Beach

NOV 20 2010

Edisto’s Dolphins

The autumn season is one of the best times to view the abundant dolphin off the coast of Edisto Beach. This time of year, the dolphin can be seen strand feeding. Strand feeding is a method of feeding where dolphins drive fish and other marine life onto the marsh beds and hurl themselves onto the … Continue reading Edisto’s Dolphins

NOV 12 2010

Sunny at the Beach Snow Cones

There are few things as perfect as spending the day at the beach, eating out on the deck of a beach house, and then cooling off under the branches of an old oak tree with a snowcone. One of Edisto Island’s newest businesses, Sunny at the Beach, LLC, is a throwback to simpler times. It’s … Continue reading Sunny at the Beach Snow Cones

NOV 05 2010

How to Find Shark Teeth

Many people swear that finding sharks teeth is nearly impossible, but the trick to it is knowing what to look for. First of all, the best time to find sharks teeth on Edisto Beach is to go at low tide and walk slowly in the wet sand, but make sure to stay far enough away … Continue reading How to Find Shark Teeth

OCT 29 2010

Edisto’s Four-Legged Fans

There’s nothing like going down to the beach, splashing in the waves, digging in the sand, and rolling on top of whatever has the most pungent scent. At least that’s how it is for dogs. Edisto Beach is a dog-friendly beach provided pet parents abide by the rules set forth in the town’s ordinances. From … Continue reading Edisto’s Four-Legged Fans

OCT 16 2010

Stay off the Groins

One unique feature of Edisto Beach is the groins. These are often called jetties by outsiders and people uncomfortable with the term, but their official Edisto name is “groins.” They consist of wood, cement, and rocks to prevent beach erosion and line each block of the beach. They are covered in sharp barnacles and moss, … Continue reading Stay off the Groins

SEP 13 2010

Best of Edisto Beach

Welcome to the Best of Edisto Beach 2010 The Best of Edisto Beach is a democratic accounting of what we like most about Edisto – the things that make it special for us. With this year’s Best of EdistoBeach you have the right to cast your ballot here as we release a new poll every … Continue reading Best of Edisto Beach

MAY 15 2010

Edisto Informational Video

  Fly with us over Edisto Beach for a one minute overview of what you xan expect when visiting us here on Edisto Beach, SC.    

APR 24 2010

Palmetto 200

Runners and joggers in the area will want to know about the Palmetto 200, which is a 200 mile relay race that runs from April 30th until May 1st. Participants should be in teams of 4-6 and will enjoy scenery only the lowcountry can provide with a path that includes the Francis Marion National Forest, Charleston itself … Continue reading Palmetto 200

MAR 04 2010

Stories From Edisto:Familiy Reunions, McHaney Style

Our family began having its family reunion when we were still living in Ohio, and the first year we came from several different states to celebrate our connection. But the most wonderful part of the reunion was that the patriarch, Felix L. McHaney, my dad, was there to celebrate with us. For the first several years he was an inspiration to us. At his advanced age he still flew alone from Memphis, Tennessee, to Atlanta where either my sister in Augusta or I in Aiken picked him up and escorted him to the beach. Most years we had three big houses because there were so many of us….around 30. Believe me, he ate his full share of shrimp, even telling my husband once, “Bill, we’ve run out of shrimp. It’s time to buy more.”

MAR 01 2010

Stories From Edisto: Shrimp

  Having kids never came easy to Stacey Yarborough and her husband. Yet, with the help of modern technology and a big dose of divine intervention they were able to have three beautiful children. Like a lot of us the Yarborough family decided to make Edisto Beach a part of their family traditions. They started … Continue reading Stories From Edisto: Shrimp

DEC 14 2009

19th Annual Edisto Christmas Parade

Edisto just celebrated it’s 19th Annual Edisto Christmas Parade. The Parade took place Saturday, December 12. Edisto Chamber of Commerce sponsored this year’s “Christmas in Paradise”. Beginning at 2:00 pm around the 400 Block of Palmetto Blvd and will end at the Pavilion. The parade will feature several boat decorated with holiday lights and music.

NOV 04 2009

Message from Miss Edisto


I want everyone to know how glad I am to be representing Edisto this year. You can’t imagine how excited I was when my name was called and I was crowned Miss Edisto Beach! My goal is to make Edisto proud to have me as their queen and be a great representative for Edisto at SC United States pageant in March.