AUG 02 2020

How to Be Safe Around Rip Currents

There are few things better than a day at the beach. With the sun shining, birds flying overhead, and waves pounding against the shore, it is possible to forget that the ocean is a powerful force. That’s why it must always be respected. When visiting the ocean, the first thing to remember is that there … Continue reading How to Be Safe Around Rip Currents

JUL 27 2020

Never Miss a Shot

If there’s one piece of advice I could give anyone coming to Edisto Beach for vacation it is this: Have a camera ready at all times. Use the camera on your phone or go all out and get a waterproof camera so that there’s no chance of your camera getting damaged, but make sure you … Continue reading Never Miss a Shot

JUL 22 2020

Dog Days of Summer: Tips for Bringing Fido to Edisto Beach

Everyone loves a good beach vacation and that includes your dogs. If you come to Edisto Beach and struggle with the decision of whether to bring your dog with you or not, perhaps these tips will help you out. If you’re renting a house or a condo, check out the pet policy. After all, many … Continue reading Dog Days of Summer: Tips for Bringing Fido to Edisto Beach

JUL 20 2020

Stranded on the Beach

Getting stranded on Edisto Beach sounds like paradise for most people. However, that same sentiment does not apply to horseshoe crabs. Horseshoe crabs have been around for centuries, but in all that time, they still face one hurdle and that’s getting stranded on the beach. When these crabs come up onto the shore at night … Continue reading Stranded on the Beach

JUL 13 2020

5 Reasons Why we Are Addicted to Edisto Beach

There’s a time in every Edisto-lover’s life when you’re hit with the realization that you don’t just love Edisto, you’re full on obsessed with Edisto. If you ever find yourself out and about thinking or doing one of the following things, then you may have to admit to yourself that you are fully addicted to … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why we Are Addicted to Edisto Beach

JUN 29 2020

An Edisto Favorite: Roadside Markets

Any visitor to Edisto Island has surely noticed the abundance of roadside stands on the way to the island. These stands feature everything from boiled peanuts to produce to seafood. The thing about all of these stands is that the items they offer are truly delicious. If you get the chance, stop at some of … Continue reading An Edisto Favorite: Roadside Markets

JUN 22 2020

Protecting the Loggerheads (and how you can help)

Edisto Beach is committed to conservation and preservation. That’s why the town makes a concerted effort to protect the area’s animals and nature as a whole, especially the loggerhead sea turtles. Loggerhead sea turtles are an endangered species that nest all along Edisto Beach, the beach at nearby Botany Bay, and on the nearby barrier … Continue reading Protecting the Loggerheads (and how you can help)

JUN 15 2020

5 Things to Remember While Visiting Edisto Beach

Whether it’s your first trip to the beach or your millionth, it’s important to remember a few rules about visiting the beach, especially Edisto. Respect the Turtles First and foremost, it’s now turtle season. That means several sea turtles will be (and have been) coming up to the beach to nest. It takes an enormous … Continue reading 5 Things to Remember While Visiting Edisto Beach

JUN 08 2020

4 Reasons to Boat on Edisto

Do you ever find yourself on Edisto Beach thinking ‘what could make this vacation better?’ If so, the answer to that is to be at the beach and have a boat. Sure, not everyone has a boat or friends with a boat, but if you can get your hands on a boat for your vacation, … Continue reading 4 Reasons to Boat on Edisto

JUN 01 2020

Explore Edisto by Bike!

You don’t need to rush once you get to the beach. In fact, the only thing that rushes in Edisto Beach is the surf as is ebbs and flows on the coast. That’s why when you get to town, it’s important to settle in and settle down and explore the island. And there’s no better … Continue reading Explore Edisto by Bike!

MAY 26 2020

Anticipating That Edisto Excitement

Whether you drive or fly to Edisto Beach, there is a moment of sheer impatience that happens and that’s every second after you cross over the bridge. The beach is so close, yet still about a half an hour away, and that last jaunt can feel like too much. However, it’s all a part of … Continue reading Anticipating That Edisto Excitement

MAY 22 2020

Memorial Day Weekend: 5 Reasons to Visit

It’s almost time for another amazing summer on Edisto Beach. If you don’t have plans thus far (or if your plans don’t include Edisto) here are the top 5 reasons as to why you need to be here for Memorial Day weekend. 1. Summer technically starts in June, but we all know Memorial Day is … Continue reading Memorial Day Weekend: 5 Reasons to Visit

APR 20 2020

A Southern Seafood Favorite: Hush Puppies

Lots of cooking from home right now, and as frugal moms everywhere know, getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to groceries is important. It’s always great when leftover ingredients can be made into something new. It’s even better when that ‘new’ recipe becomes a favorite for the whole family. Hush puppies, … Continue reading A Southern Seafood Favorite: Hush Puppies

APR 06 2020

Edisto’s Spicy Beach Shrimp Recipe

With the weather warming up across the nation many people are getting in an “Edisto state of mind” right now. That typically means endless weekends on the water, walking around in flip flops, cooling off on a hammock, and, of course, coming to Edisto for an unforgettable vacation filled with good times and good food. … Continue reading Edisto’s Spicy Beach Shrimp Recipe

FEB 18 2020

Edisto for Newbies

The summer months are the most popular on Edisto Beach. Many of the visitors that come to the island have been coming since birth, but every year more newbies decide to visit our piece of paradise. While some visitors might know what to expect, others will need a crash-course in how to love Edisto. So, … Continue reading Edisto for Newbies