NOV 21 2016

A Lot To Be Thankful For

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, Edistonians have a lot to be thankful for this year. To start with, the island is getting back to normal after Hurricane Matthew thanks to the helps from friends, family and strangers who were desperate to get Edisto on her feet again. If you’re visiting the island for Thanksgiving, here’s … Continue reading A Lot To Be Thankful For

OCT 12 2016

In the Wake of Matthew

Hurricane Matthew did a number on Edisto Island. But, just as she has in the past, Edisto is already on her way to healing. When the storm came through on Saturday, it flooded numerous areas, downed several trees, wiped out homes and severely damaged others. Power is still out for the town of Edisto Beach, … Continue reading In the Wake of Matthew

OCT 04 2016

Fall Means Festivals!

It’s possible that every month is the best on Edisto Beach, but October is really amazing. If you’re down here this month, then you have got to experience what the island has to offer. Take a look at this list of the best things to do on the island in October. Fall Means Festivals There … Continue reading Fall Means Festivals!

SEP 19 2016

3 Tips for Visiting During Hurricane Season

We’re in the middle of hurricane season here in South Carolina, and that means you should be aware of a few things if you plan on coming down to the island. For starters, hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 and peaks around September 10. That means we are already on our way … Continue reading 3 Tips for Visiting During Hurricane Season

AUG 29 2016

Labor Day Weekend: The Last Hurrah

It seems impossible that Labor Day is just around the corner, but it’s true. Labor Day Weekend is the last hurrah on Edisto Beach, but we go out in style. The Edisto Beach Music and Shag Fest runs from Sept. 2-4 at Bay Creek Park, which is located next to the marina. Admission is $10 … Continue reading Labor Day Weekend: The Last Hurrah

AUG 22 2016

Edisto Beach Bucket List

Now that summer is winding down, it’s likely that many of you who visited this year forgot to do something while on vacation. It happens. Even after years of coming to Edisto Beach it’s possible to never find the time to do something you’ve always wanted to do. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop … Continue reading Edisto Beach Bucket List

AUG 18 2016

Charleston Named Friendliest City In The World

Have you ever noticed how, when you’re at Edisto, everyone waves as you pass by? How perfect strangers smile at you? How everyone is so gosh darn nice to each other? Well, the rest of the world has noticed the Lowcountry’s affable behavior, too – Charleston has now been dubbed the friendliest city in the … Continue reading Charleston Named Friendliest City In The World

AUG 15 2016

Learn About Loggerheads at Edisto Beach State Park!

The Edisto Beach State Park has some interesting activities going on for everyone this month. Every Wednesday and Friday in August visitors have the opportunity to experience sea turtle nest inventories. This activity is free with park admission and takes place at the state park beach access from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. every Wednesday and … Continue reading Learn About Loggerheads at Edisto Beach State Park!

JUL 25 2016

4 Ways to Beat Vacation Blues

There’s one terrible thing about Edisto Beach and that is this: If you’re just visiting, there is a time when you have to leave. Heading home from vacation is nothing short of brutal. The good thing is, with these tips, you can get through your vacation blues. Start Planning for Next Year Planning for the … Continue reading 4 Ways to Beat Vacation Blues

JUL 11 2016

An Edisto Favorite: Roadside Markets

Any visitor to Edisto Island has surely noticed the abundance of roadside stands on the way to the island. These stands feature everything from boiled peanuts to produce to seafood. The thing about all of these stands is that the items they offer are truly delicious. If you get the chance, stop at some of … Continue reading An Edisto Favorite: Roadside Markets

JUL 05 2016

4 Reasons to Boat on Edisto

Do you ever find yourself on Edisto Beach thinking ‘what could make this vacation better?’ If so, the answer to that is to be at the beach and have a boat. Sure, not everyone has a boat or friends with a boat, but if you can get your hands on a boat for your vacation, … Continue reading 4 Reasons to Boat on Edisto

JUN 21 2016

5 Ways to Get in the Edisto State of Mind

After countless trips to Edisto Beach, any true die-hard fan of this piece of paradise knows each trip is as good as the last. Now that the summer season is here and in full throttle, it’s time to get ready for your next trip. Take a look at this list to see if you’re prepared … Continue reading 5 Ways to Get in the Edisto State of Mind

JUN 15 2016

5 Things to Remember While Visiting Edisto Beach

Whether it’s your first trip to the beach or your millionth, it’s important to remember a few rules about visiting the beach, especially Edisto. Respect the Turtles First and foremost, it’s now turtle season. That means several sea turtles will be (and have been) coming up to the beach to nest. It takes an enormous … Continue reading 5 Things to Remember While Visiting Edisto Beach

MAY 11 2016

Ready, Set, Edisto!

In just a few more weeks the official high season starts for Edisto Beach. That means vacationers everywhere are starting to get restless just imagining their upcoming trips. If it’s been awhile since your last trip to the beach, here are just a few reminders as to why it’s the best place in the world. … Continue reading Ready, Set, Edisto!

MAR 30 2016

Changes on Edisto

Every year more change happens on Edisto. Here’s a list of some of the most recent changes that you will want to know about. Free Medical Clinic The Good Samaritan Clinic is now open and serving all residents of the island ages 18 and older. This clinic is located in the senior center at 1786 … Continue reading Changes on Edisto