MAY 19 2014

Sea Turtle Nesting Season

It’s turtle-time again on Edisto Beach. May marks the beginning of the loggerhead turtle nesting season for South Carolina’s many barrier islands. That means female loggerheads will be making their way onto the shore to deposit their eggs now through August. The turtles slowly crawl out of the water and far away from the water … Continue reading Sea Turtle Nesting Season

JAN 07 2014

Great White Shark Visits Edisto Beach

There are two types of people out there: those who know sharks are in the water and carry on with life as usual, and those who know sharks are in the water and never get in deeper than their ankles. Seeing as the water that laps at the shores of Edisto Beach is the Atlantic … Continue reading Great White Shark Visits Edisto Beach

DEC 10 2012

A Living Piece of History: The Horseshoe Crab

The horseshoe crab is a direct throwback to the day before dinosaurs roamed the earth, yet they’re a common occurrence on the beach. Scientists have traced the horseshoe crab back to the Paleozoic Era (when visible life first appeared), which means this popular creature actually provides the world with information about the entire planet’s climate, … Continue reading A Living Piece of History: The Horseshoe Crab

AUG 25 2012

Beware of the Sea Nettles

Swimming this time of year is nothing short of perfect. The days are hot, the water is warm and the crowds have all gone away. But there’s just one small problem with taking a dip in the Atlantic right now… It’s jellyfish season. More jellyfish stings happen in August than any other month. This is … Continue reading Beware of the Sea Nettles

AUG 12 2012

Beautiful Moments: A Glimpse at a Turtle Hatchling

There’s something I’ve always feared about living on Edisto. Sometimes I think what will happen if I wake up and the island is no longer my favorite place on Earth. After all, living here is a lot different from vacationing here. Vacationing here means days are spent in the water or on the water, eating … Continue reading Beautiful Moments: A Glimpse at a Turtle Hatchling

JUN 06 2012

Lurking Leatherback Sea Turtle

There’s a story going around Edisto about a leatherback sea turtle that has been seen on the shores of the beach and over on Pine Island. Grown men have been having their pictures taken next to the turtle on the beach to show its size, which is rumored to be exceptionally large. According to South … Continue reading Lurking Leatherback Sea Turtle

APR 15 2012

Strand Feeding Dolphins

The old saying “it’s as easy as shooting fish in a barrel” is something the dolphins in Edisto can appreciate. This is because the dolphins here have a method of fishing that almost guarantees a full belly for them with minimal effort. This method is known as “strand feeding.” Here’s how it happens… Dolphins swim … Continue reading Strand Feeding Dolphins

JAN 10 2012

Hermit Crabs on Edisto

Whenever my youngest cousin comes down to Edisto, she always wants to find shells, but is adamant that the shells we find come without eyes. This is because one year when she was even younger we found a really pretty shell, picked it up, and out popped a hermit crab. She screamed, ran back to … Continue reading Hermit Crabs on Edisto

NOV 13 2011

Bald Eagles Make Their Presence Known around Edisto

There are some things that are worth waiting for and on Edisto, one of those things is a rare sighting of a bald eagle. Much of the time, visitors in the area are so engrossed with the abundant marine life that they forget to look closely at what might be perched on the highest branch … Continue reading Bald Eagles Make Their Presence Known around Edisto