Edisto Beach Bike Riding Regulations

edisto beach bike ridingBike riding is a popular method of transportation and recreational activity on Edisto Beach. A bike path winds its way through much of the town and bike riding is permitted on every road.

South Carolina state law defines a bicycle as a vehicle, so cyclists are required to adhere to certain regulations. Any cyclist using a public roadway is required to observe all traffic laws.

In addition, cyclists should remember the following regulations:

• Unless on the bike path, cyclists should not ride on public streets more than two side by side.

• One hand should be kept on the handlebars at all times and cyclists should not carry anything that prevents this from happening.

• When riding at night a white light should be visible from the front of the bike from a distance of 500 feet. A red reflector is required for the back of the bike and should be visible from 50-300 feet.

• No cyclist is permitted to hold onto a vehicle while cycling.

• Stopping at stop signs is required unless cycling on a designated bike path.

• Hand signals must be used by cyclists unless riding on a bike path.

• All cyclists should ride as close to the right side of the road as possible.

Keep in mind that during the summer months, Edisto Beach is a busy place and there is a lot of traffic on the roadways. Helmet use is not required, but should be considered when riding on the bike path or on the roadways.