Fishing Information for Edisto Beach, SC

Fishing Information for Edisto Beach, SC

Going fishing in Edisto is like stepping back in time. It’s one of the simple pastimes that has withstood the test of time and remains a favorite among those who love coming to Edisto Island.

The waters surrounding Edisto Island are a fisherman’s dream. With both saltwater and freshwater options, offshore and coastal opportunities, there’s no place better than Edisto for casting a line and waiting on a bite.

What’s especially great about fishing in Edisto is that there’s truly something for everyone. It’s common to see someone fishing directly off of front beach or trying the deeper water down by Bay Creek Park.

Plus, with numerous charter and fishing guide opportunities, even the novice fisherman can feel like a pro with help from locals.

Spots & Locations

Finding the best location in Edisto to go fishing really depends on the type of experience you’re looking for. If you want to enjoy the power of the Atlantic and maybe try your hand at shark fishing, you’ll want to go straight to front beach. There are few things as enjoyable as casting a line while standing in the surf.

If you want a helpful hint regarding surf fishing, then you’ll want to head down to the sound. This is the area where the Atlantic, Big Bay Creek, and the Edisto River come together, which means the water is deep, the marine life is active, and you’ll battle dolphin for the fish in the area.

Bay Creek Park offers a fishing and crabbing dock, which provides visitors with a chance to fish in deepwater without going out on a boat. This is an excellent location for anyone looking to catch some of Edisto’s native blue crabs.

If you want to fish in one of Edisto’s ponds, visit Burley Lyon’s Park located at 712 Portia Street. This secluded pond is rarely visited and provides fishermen with an opportunity to sit in nature. It’s common to see white egrets, deer, squirrels, and crabs while fishing in the pond.

Head out on the island for some additional fishing opportunities. Many times visitors head out to the Live Oak Landing, which is a part of the Edisto Beach State Park, and take advantage of fishing off the dock.

Botany Bay Wildlife Management Area also has fishing opportunities from its private beach and at Jason’s Lake, which is onsite.

Jason’s Lake is full of flounder and red fish, and is perfect for anyone looking to do a little fishing while kayaking or sitting on the bank.

Fishing Pier

The fishing pier at the Steamboat Landing is a popular spot for locals and visitors. The pier provides saltwater fishing opportunities for those looking to bring home trout, flounder, red drum, croaker, or even blue crab.

The pier is located off Steamboat Road on the island, about five miles from the beach.

Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is permitted off of Edisto Beach and Botany Bay Beach. As long as fishermen remember to check the tides and current, surf fishing can result in quite the catch. In fact, it’s common to catch shark, rays, whiting, and flounder.

Remember to remove all fishing line and bait from the area after you’re done fishing for the day.

Helpful hint: If you’re willing to make the trek down to Jeremy’s Inlet, which is located approximately one mile from the Pavilion, you can experience the benefits of surf and creek fishing all in one area.

Edisto River

Fishing the freshwater of the Edisto River provides fishermen with the chance to go after striped bass, catfish, and crappie.

Unlike fishing in the ocean or in the surf, fishing the Edisto River means anglers don’t need to worry about the currents and the tides. While the current in the river can be strong at times, but that doesn’t mean you won’t come back with black drum, redfish, flounder, and trout.

Fishing Report

Curious about current happenings in the water around Edisto Island? Check out this fishing report for more information.


Each year, visitors and diehard fishermen flock to the Marina at Edisto Beach for fishing tournaments.

In the spring, there is the Edisto vs. Bohicket Dolphin Slam. The summer months bring the Cobia Tournament and the Jim Bost Memorial Tournament. The Edisto Invitational Billfish Tournament happens every July and the tournament season wraps up with the Wahoo Tournament.

These tournaments all take place at the Marina and weigh-ins are open to the public.

Rules & Regulations

Fishing licenses are to be obtained by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources before fishing. Licenses can be obtained by going online to the SC DNR’s website. It’s important to always view the rules and regulations set forth by the SC DNR before dropping a line. These rules do change, so be sure to check in to see what’s new before beginning your fishing adventure. For more information, check out the rules & regs page.

Charters & Tours

With fishing charters available on Edisto, anglers get the opportunity to experience deepwater and offshore fishing.

Charters offer a little bit of everything for everyone. Some charters last a few hours while others are all day. They’re also geared toward providing the best experience possible, so the knowledgeable and local captains take passengers into the depths of the Atlantic for excellent fishing and sightseeing opportunities.

Some fishing charters available also provide visitors with the opportunity to experience shrimping and crabbing from a boat. The Edisto Shrimp Boat charters use provided material to drop a line or crab pot and go fishing like a local.