Memorial Day Weekend: 5 Reasons to Visit

We’re less than a month away from Memorial Day and that means just one thing: It’s almost time for another amazing summer on Edisto Beach.

If you don’t have plans thus far (or if your plans don’t include Edisto) here are the top 5 reasons as to why you need to be here for Memorial Day weekend.

1. Summer technically starts in June, but we all know Memorial Day is the unofficial kick off for the high-season at the beach. This means vacationers from all over come to share the love of our island and a season of partying and good times begins.

2. Two major events take place during Memorial Day weekend: The Offshore Fishing Challenge in Big Bay Creek and the Fire Department Fish Fry and Arts and Craft Show at the Lion’s Club (located at 2907 Myrtle Street). Even if you’re not into deep-sea fishing, there’s always a party to be had out at the marina or Bay Creek Park as people gather around to see some of the catch the fishermen bring in.

3. Turtle season begins! It’s possible in late May to turn a late-night beach walk into an unforgettable experience if you happen upon a Loggerhead nesting. While it’s important not to disturb the nesting turtles, if you remain quiet and stay far enough away, you could get the chance to see a female turtle dig a nest and release her eggs. It’s an incredible experience that is hard to come across, but well worth it if you do. Just remember, keep your lights off and don’t disturb the turtles or they will release their eggs into the ocean.

4. Can’t get enough marine life in your day-to-day life? Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to see all sorts of baby creatures including dolphins. Watch any of the dolphin pods as they make their way up and down Edisto’s shores and keep an eye out for the tiny fins that poke up out of the way. The baby dolphins swim alongside their mothers as they learn how to go about life.

5. As if you need another reason to visit Edisto! Come down because you love it and there’s no place else you’d rather be. After all, isn’t that why we’re all here?



Bob Hart Author

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