Message from Miss Edisto


I want everyone to know how glad I am to be representing Edisto this year. You can’t imagine how excited I was when my name was called and I was crowned Miss Edisto Beach! My goal is to make Edisto proud to have me as their queen and be a great representative for Edisto at SC United States pageant in March. 

My sister queen Kristin (the Teen queen of Edisto) and I have had so much fun! We did a ‘back to school’ fashion show at Dillard’s. We modeled prom gowns and dresses for homecoming (so many cute dresses to choose from!! Girls get to Dillards FAST!) I am gonna try to add pictures on here for you to see… TRY being the key word there!

I can’t believe that missed the Pink Heals Tour… I had SAT’s (Yuck! lol) but Kristin said it was great. I saw pictures and spoke to people and I am really inspired by all of the people and the huge efforts being put towards the cause. I am hoping they will be back soon. I wanna see that big pink firetruck!! Oh and the firefighters in pink (Oh that’s so cute!).

We did a photo shoot on the beach a couple of weeks ago with Sweetgrass Photography. Wow it was cold!!  But fun! We had such a great time. The people of Edisto are so nice. I couldn’t believe that as cold as it was that there were still so many people on the beach! Again I will try to post the pictures.

I am look forward to seeing EVERYONE at the Edisto Christmas parade November 28th!



Bob Hart Author

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