Edisto Beach Laws and Regulations

Edisto Beach is a laid back beach town with few laws and regulations compared to other crowded vacation destinations. There are a few thing to keep in mind before and during your visit though. We’ve compiled a short list of official rules and regulations you’ll need to keep in mind.


Beach Regulations– Every year thousands of people make their way to Edisto Beach for a good time, but not everybody knows the rules. (Right now you’re probably thinking ‘Rules? What rules? I’m going on vacation!’).


Golf Cart Regulations– Golf carts a popular mode of transportation on Edisto Beach, but many people have trouble remembering that many motor vehicle rules still apply.


Loggerhead Sea Turtle Protection Rules–  One thing that Edistonians and vacationers are truly dedicated to is protecting the Loggerhead sea turtles. Help us all by following these simple rules.


Bike Riding Regulations– Bike riding is a popular method of transportation and recreational activity on Edisto Beach. A bike path winds its way through much of the town and bike riding is permitted on every road.


Boating Regulations– Sailboats, kayaks and non-motorized crafts can be launched and recovered from the beach. No watercrafts are permitted to be stored on the dunes or carried over the dunes to access the water.


Garbage and Recycling– Garbage and recycled goods are collected on a schedule depending on the season. Find details by clicking above.


Emergency Services– Edisto Beach has its own police and fire departments. View this page for contact information and healthcare options.


Drinking Water on Edisto– One reason many people visit Town Hall is because the community water spigot is there.


Public Beach Access– One common thought among those unfamiliar with Edisto Beach is that the beach might be private. That is not the case.