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Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life is what many vacations are all about, but there’s another way to experience something different while away from home.

Many times people visit Edisto Island and want to really get a taste of what the local flavor is all about. These people ask to get involved with some of the charitable organizations on the island.

If you want to visit the island and get involved in some of the nonprofit organizations all over the island, check out these opportunities. (Bear in mind that you do not have to officially volunteer with an organization to help out on the island; this list will give you examples of what you can do on your own as well).

Clean Up the Beach

The summer months experience more human traffic than any other time of year. That means people sometimes leave certain items behind. If you want to keep the beach clean, head down with a trash bag and pick up all the trash that you can find. Walk from groin to groin to find stray bottle caps, wrappers, cigarettes, and anything else that’s been left behind.

Aside from being unsightly, many times trash can pose obstacles to wildlife who perceive the items as food. Some can even get in the way of the Loggerheads that come onto the shore to lay eggs

Go For a Walk

Animal Loves of Edisto K9 Rescue always needs additional help. If you want to take some time out to walk a dog, make a donation, or just give some cuddles to a homeless animal, email the group at and they’ll get you all set up. Plus, you might even fall in love and bring home a new furry family member.

Get to the Park

If you’re going to be around for a while, the Edisto Beach State Park always needs volunteers to be park hosts (and to fill other volunteer positions). You will provide grounds and facility maintenance, assist with park administration, help clean the park facilities, serve as a booth attendant, and serve as an operations clerk.

Plus, you’ll get to be surrounded by the beauty of the park and Edisto, so it’s a win-win situation all around.

Become a Surrogate Parent for Sea Turtles

Learning Through Loggerheads offers the general public a way to help Edisto’s sea turtle population through adopting a nest. All one needs to do is go online to and fill out the form. Contributions help keep the programs running so that qualified personnel can help protect the turtles.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Those who love Edisto and want to participate in some of the great programs that go on here can visit to check out some of the ways help is needed. For instance, you can sponsor a class to go on nature-based field trips or even help sponsor charitable events like the Learning Through Loggerheads festival. Contact LTL via email at for more information on how you can help.

Remember that any sort of help you can offer the programs on Edisto is greatly appreciated.



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