Town Hall in Edisto Beach, SC

Town Hall in Edisto Beach, SC

Like most communities, Town Hall in Edisto Beach serves as the go-to place for official information about the town.

Services offered include bids, elections, emergency preparedness, finance reports, forms and applications, garbage collection information, and links to other relevant sites including the Edisto Museum, Colleton County’s official site, and the Edisto Chamber of Commerce.

Most of this information pertains to residents of Edisto Beach, although it is highly recommended that visitors view this page for the most current information regarding emergencies, which includes tropical storms and hurricanes.

While most visitors won’t require much from Town Hall, its events calendar is always current, so everyone stays in the know about what’s going on in town.

The biggest thing visitors need to know about Town Hall is that it is the location of the town’s water supply. Most tap water in town is safe to drink, however, it has a high salt content. The town offers a reverse osmosis system, which removes the saltiness. Individuals are limited to five gallons of water per day.

Address: 2414 Murray St.

Phone: 843-869-2505



Twitter: @edisto_beach