Apr 14 2012

Weather Report: April 14, 2012

This weekend people from all over the state and country will be rolling down the windows as they drive over the McKinley Washington Jr. Bridge and make their way to Edisto Beach.

Lucky for them, this weekend starts off with plenty of sun that will last until well into the week.

Today’s high will be 74 degrees with a low around 62 degrees. Tomorrow will be even warmer with a high of right around 80 degrees.

Monday will follow the trend of getting warmer as the days go on as the high for that day is forecast to be 79 degrees.

Clouds might roll in from time to time from Wednesday and on out through the rest of the week, but overall the week should be full of sunshine and warm temperatures that will stay just below 80 degrees.

Take advantage of the beautiful weather while you’re here spend every moment on the beach. If you’re the type of person who likes to take advantage of nearby sights while on vacation, then head into Charleston and take a stroll through Battery Park.

This is one of Charleston’s oldest areas. It borders the water and offers views of Fort Sumter. Some of the most beautiful homes in the world exist on Charleston’s Rainbow Row. These houses give a glimpse into the old south charm that still exists today.

If history is your thing, then the Battery is a perfect destination as there are monuments and memorials dedicated to the people and events of the Civil War. Cannons left over from the war also offer visitors with great photo ops, so be sure to check those out.

To get to the Battery, get onto Route 17 and head north through West Ashley and then get off on Lockwood Drive. Keep right and merge onto Lockwood Drive and continue onto Broad Street. Then turn right onto King Street and left onto South Battery Street. Park anywhere in the area and then make your way to the walkway along the water. From there, you’ll be able to explore all that the Battery has to offer.

Be sure to bring your camera; after all, next to Edisto, Charleston is one of the most beautiful places in the world.




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