Aug 11 2013

Weather Report: August 11, 2013

Last week’s forecast called for a lot of rain, but if you were here on Edisto, then you know that just didn’t happen. It was definitely hot and steamy though, so you can expect more of the same this week.

The high today will be in the low 90s with a low of 78 degrees. There’s a 30 percent chance for some rain or maybe isolated thunderstorms.

Monday and Tuesday’s forecast looks to be more of the same, so if you don’t like to sweat, then you’ll want to either stay in the ocean or indoors.

The rest of the week is calling for highs in the 80s with a 50 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms.

While this week should be fairly standard in terms of early August weather, this is the time of year to start keeping an eye on the tropics. According to officials with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), this hurricane season could be a hotbed of activity.

One of NOAA’s lead forecasters for seasonal hurricanes said that with the two already-named storms that formed earlier this year in the Atlantic (Andrea, Barry, Chantal, and Dorian), is it likely that the remainder of hurricane season will be active. That means there is a 70 percent chance that there could be up to 19 named storms in at the Atlantic this year. Of those storms, six to nine could become hurricanes and of those hurricanes, three to five could be major.

According to officials at NOAA, this year’s oceanic and atmospheric conditions are similar to those of 1995, which was also an active hurricane season.

Reasons for active hurricane seasons include above-average temperatures of the sea surface and a stronger-than-average rainy season in Western African, which is where tropical waves – the precursor to hurricanes – are formed.

What’s interesting about hurricane predictions is that nothing is set in stone. This season could be active, or it could be average. Storms could threaten Edisto Beach, or make landfall in a different state entirely.

It’s not necessary to worry about hurricane season, but just in case you are, check out our upcoming blog on hurricane preparedness.

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