Aug 20 2012

Weather Report: August 20, 2012

Schools all across the country start this week, but that doesn’t mean summer is over on Edisto.

This past weekend was a mix of sun and clouds along with hot and humid temperatures. The first part of this week, today included, will be on the rainy side with a chance for some scattered storms, but those should die out some by Wednesday.

Tuesday looks to be the only day this week that might be a total wash. With a forecasted high of 80 degrees and a 60 percent chance of rain, visitors to Edisto Beach might want to look into doing something indoors.

Temperatures will return to the high 80s on Wednesday. There is also a 30 percent chance of rain and scattered thunderstorms.

Thursday looks like it will offer more of the same with the 30 percent chance of rain and chance for thunderstorms.

By the time Friday and the weekend roll in, there is less of a chance for rain, so expect plenty of sun and hot temperatures. The high throughout the weekend should be in the high 80s with even higher heat indexes.

Like any coastal town, this time of year means not only are locals looking at the weather forecast for this area, but many also keep an eye on what’s going on out in the Atlantic.

Currently, Tropical Storm Gordon has already made landfall in the Azores as a category 2 hurricane. This storm will have no effect on Edisto, but there are two areas just off the coast of Africa looking like they could turn into tropical storms and hurricanes.

However, at this time, none of the storms look like they will have any impact on Edisto.

So if you’re here this week, don’t worry about the weather, just get out there and have fun. Take advantage of the fact that most schools have already started for the year so you’ll get to have the beach all to yourself.


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