Feb 25 2013

Weather Report: February 23, 2013

This weekend and the early part of next week are shaping up to be rainy, but the sun will come out by the end of the week.

Today will be mostly rainy with a chance of thunderstorms. The high will be right around 62 degrees with a low of 50 degrees. The rain will continue into Sunday, but will stop by afternoon. The high Sunday is 67 degrees with a low of 50 degrees.

The rain will start up again on Monday and looks like it will last all day. The high Monday is 58 degrees with a low of 54 degrees. The chance for rain is 70 percent.

The 70 percent chance for rain will continue on Tuesday, and there could also be thunderstorms, some of which may be severe. The high for Tuesday is 62 degrees with a low of 41 degrees.

Partly cloudy skies will take over for the rain on Wednesday. The high for Wednesday is 59 degrees with a low of 43 degrees.

Full sun is in store for Thursday and Friday. The high for both days will be in the high 50s with a low in the high 30s. The sun should stick around for the weekend as well.

Although it won’t be rainy all week, this time of year generally has people hoping for summer. Here are some of our favorite parts about the summer season.

  1. Getting up early is never fun (unless you’re one of those rare morning-person types) but getting up to see a sunrise on Edisto Beach is spectacular. It’s well worth setting the alarm and trotting out to the beach to get a glimpse of the day beginning. Plus, you can always go right back to bed.
  2. Breakfast time on Edisto means something different to many families, but for mine, we like to hit up the Piggly Wiggly. That’s right, the ladies at the Pig can cook up some of the best bacon, egg and cheese biscuits, gravy, home fries, and anything else. (As an added benefit, the breakfasts served at the Pig act as an unofficial cure for most hangovers).
  3. This past year, my dog decided that the neighbor’s golf cart wasn’t getting enough use, so she decided to make that change. Early in June, while visiting with the neighbors, she took it upon herself to crawl up onto the golf cart and take a snooze. Then, we decided to see if she wanted to go for a ride. Turns out, rides are way better than walks in her world. Now she drags us over the neighbors all the time to use their cart. Sure, it’s not super-cold here on Edisto ever, but it’s a lot better riding the golf cart in the summer – for humans- and we can’t wait.
  4. What’s an Edisto summer with some old fashioned beach fun? I can’t wait to sit in a tube and float over the waves, feel for sand dollars with my feet, battle some of the big waves, and lay out on the beach.
  5. Making the rounds at the bars during the summer months guarantees an almost perfect night. How many vacationers have a story to tell that involves inebriated nights at Whaley’s or Dockside? Even if drinking isn’t your thing, the atmosphere at the bars and restaurants on Edisto in the summer is so light and happy that it is hard to be there and not have a good time.


So, if you’re getting a little sick of the rain, just think about the upcoming summer season and imaging everything you’re going to be doing when the days are long and the weather’s hot.

Bob Hart Author

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