Jul 13 2013

Weather Report: July 13, 2013

radarWell, after claiming that the raining weather forecast rarely comes true, the past few weeks have proven me wrong. Sure, there was ample sunshine this past week, but it looks like the rainy weather has moved in again.

It looks like there will be a lot of rain in the area today with the National Weather Service calling for an 80 percent chance of rain and thunderstorms. The moisture in the air will make the high of 82 feel nice and steamy, especially with just a 7 mile per hour eastern wind blowing in.

Luckily, that rainy weather should begin to dissipate Sunday as the chance for precipitation goes down to 60 percent. The high Sunday should be around 85 degrees and there could be some scattered thunderstorms throughout the day.

The chance for precipitation drops the rest of the week down to 30 percent, so hopefully the rain will stay completely at bay.

While it is typical for July weather to include some stormy days, this recent precipitation comes from remnants of the tropical storm Chantal along with a jetstream pattern that is creating almost monsoon like conditions in the southeastern United States.

Luckily, Chantal has dissipated and meteorologists do not think that it will be able to reform and have any impact on our coast.

However, nobody likes rain on vacation, so just know that it most likely won’t last more than a day or two.

If you want to take advantage of nearby indoor attractions in Charleston during rainy weather, then head out to the Charleston Aquarium located at 100 Aquarium Wharf.

The aquarium features several different exhibits that appeal to people of all ages. The Ocean Exhibit alone features all kinds of sea creatures native to the area including Loggerhead sea turtles, sharks, various types of fish, and all kinds of other creatures. Some visitors even get the chance to see baby sharks emerge from egg cases.

Several other exhibits at the aquarium allow for a look into ecosystem of South Carolina. These exhibits include information about the mountains found upstate, the foothills full of streams and rivers, saltmarshes, and everything else that makes up the state’s unique setting.

Check out the touch tank to get a real hands-on experience with some of the smallest critters found in and around the water.

If you’d rather check out some local marine life without visiting the aquarium, head down to beach around sunset to watch as the dolphins eat and play in the water.

Bob Hart Author

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