Sep 09 2012

Weather Report: September 9, 2012

It appears that Mother Nature didn’t like last week’s blog post regarding the weather on Edisto always calling for clouds and a 30 percent chance of rain. So maybe that’s why this week’s forecast is calling for quite the opposite.

Saturday was a hot one here on Edisto with a high of 90 degrees and enough humidity to curl even the straightest hair. Some storms up in Charleston and the surrounding areas contributed to that humidity and are also responsible for the cooler dry air rolling in.

Today’s high should be right around 83 degrees. There might be some morning thunderstorms¬† as the weather system moves through the area, but those should dissipate by mid-morning or early afternoon. The low for tonight is 66 degrees.

The highs for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday should be in the lower 80s with zero chance of rain. Expect beautifully sunny skies to shine over Edisto. This kind of weather is especially enjoyable for those few remaining vacationers who practically have the whole place to themselves. Take advantage of the weather and book an ecotour, sunset cruise or fishing charter this week.

Take a stroll out to the beach anytime this week to enjoy temperatures in the high 60s and maybe even get a sneak peak at Loggerhead hatchlings making their way into the water. Just remember to leave any flashlights or any other artificial light sources at home.

The high in the lows 80s will stick around the rest of the week and into the weekend. Right now, the weather forecast is calling for a 10 percent chance of rain for the end of the week and weekend.

While weather here on Edisto is nothing short of perfect, conditions in the tropics are another matter.

Hurricane Leslie is looking to hit Bermuda, but rip current warnings will be in effect all along the coast from Florida through Massachusetts, so be careful while out in the water.

Hurricane Michael is a slow-moving storm and is weakening. Both Hurricane Leslie and Hurricane Michael could interact with one another causing a bigger storm, but right now, both are slow-moving weak storms, so they do not pose much of a threat. Granted, weather changes quickly, so keep an eye on the tropics.



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