Wedding Information in Edisto Beach, SC

Wedding Information in Edisto Beach, SC

When it comes to the best day of one’s life, people offer up different descriptions. Some say it’s the day their children are born, while others say it’s the day they got married. Then there are some who say it’s any day spent on Edisto Beach. However, the best day of one’s life is actually the day a couple says “I do” on Edisto Beach.

Weddings in Edisto Beach are nothing short of phenomenal. Couples take advantage of the numerous scenic locations on the island for their special day, which of course includes getting married on the beach.

Beach weddings incorporate the beauty of the ocean with the magical of the day to create a truly unique experience. It’s common for beach weddings to have a few surprises guests, as well, which generally include dolphin jumping in the background and seagulls swooping overhead.

For couples out there not interested in actually getting married on the beach, many couples take advantage of the fantastic scenery at Bay Creek Park and one of the island’s many plantations. These locations incorporate the marshland and Spanish moss draped trees, which add true lowcountry flair to any wedding.

Wedding Venues

Selecting the location for your Edisto wedding boils down to just one question: Where do you want to get married?

Whether you’re getting married at a church, on the beach, or somewhere else in between, Edisto has what you need.

Some of the most popular wedding/reception venues off the beach include Bay Creek Park, Brick House Plantation, Cypress Trees Plantation, Brookland Pointe, Edisto Civic Center, and the club room in the Wyndham Ocean Ridge Resort.

The island also offers 14 churches for those who prefer a more traditional setting.

Wedding Permits

The Town of Edisto Beach permits weddings to take place on the beach itself with no permission required if the guest list is under 50. Permission is required for guest lists of more than 50 individuals and/or if you are renting a home for the reception and require permission to have entertainment that extends past the 10pm noise ordinance.

A special event request form must be filled out and submitted for approval 45 days in advance. There is a $30 fee for the event request.


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